A Pilgrim’s Journey

11 Aug
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What makes a tour different from a pilgrimage?

Just recently, Lourdes Policarpio was faced with a dilemma.

“When I was considering going to Spain and Portugal, I pondered: on a tour or a pilgrimage? I am glad now that I chose a pilgrimage over a tour, despite the latter’s added attraction of five-star hotels. In a pilgrimage, you have Jesus and Mary close by.”

Lourdes R. Policarpio joined a 15-day Pilgrimage to Spain, Portugal and France with Santiago de Compostela  last October 1, 2015 led by Bishop Raul Martirez. It is refreshing to read about her pilgrimage experience, and her childlike faith is quite inspiring.

You are invited to read Lourdes’ “A Pilgrim’s Journey: Through the Shrines of Spain, Portugal and France”. Please click the link below:


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