Are you looking for a Strong Connection?

29 Nov

A few weeks ago, while taking a brief walk in the mall, I managed to overhear a few teenagers grumbling about the Wi-Fi connection.

“I’m going to die! There’s no Internet connection here!” one of them said.

“Let’s go to another mall. I hate it here. I can’t even post in IG!” another said.

They kept grumbling about the slow connection, and about how they can’t check their comments and likes on social media, and about how they’re going to just “die” without Internet.

It made me think.

Their concerns are legitimate, but not in the way you might think.

Hear me out.

Of course they wouldn’t die without Internet connection.

But it made me wonder why they were so desperate for it. What do Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and all other social media platform give us, anyway? Why do we spend so much time connected to the Internet?

“Ah,” I thought. The answer was right there.

People want to be connected.

People hunger for connection. They want it so bad, they think they’d die without it.

Relationships are so important, and people try to pursue it in different ways. Nowadays, we find it in social media. In the likes and comments and shares that we receive. In the validation we feel when people say good things about our posts. We became so addicted to social media because it made us feel “connected.”

But it’s not enough. People are still sad. People are still hungry for connection. People are still desperate for attention. And they keep finding it, keep searching for it, keep pursuing it in all the wrong places.

It becomes a vicious cycle that never ends.

My friend, I have a message for you.




I understand that there’s a big hole in our hearts. But this is an emptiness that only solid, real, and true connections can fill.

People resort to addictions because they need one thing: LOVE.

Friend, I understand your need for connections.

I’m also addicted to it, myself.

But I’m addicted to being connected with GOD. With my family. With my dear friends. Real people. Real relationships. Real connections.

I’d like to invite you to connect with God. Join me, travel with me, journey with me.

Let’s go to where Jesus, the Living God, walked, preached, breathed, lived, and died.


Join Me in a 
“Receive Your Miracle”
10-Day Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

February 3 to 13, 2020
Special Bonus:
You’ll Also Join a Feast
Right in the Middle of the Judean Desert!


Come with me to the Holy Land.

It’s a living, breathing, miracle of a place.

The first time I set foot in Israel — the Promised Land — I cried. It was so overwhelming to be at the place where salvation was bought and paid for with the Blood of Christ.

I want you to experience the same overwhelming blessing.

You can walk where Jesus walked.

We’ll go to Calvary where Jesus was crucified, Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and Galilee, where Jesus preached–and so many other incredible places.

It’s always a joy to see the actual places that you read in the Bible. It’s like the Bible coming alive — in Technicolor — before you.

I’ll be bringing with me a friend priest.

He’ll celebrate Mass with us every day.

I’ll also be bringing with me my fellow leaders.

It’ll be a ball!

We’ll have lots of fun, I can assure you.

Even now, I’m praying for all those who’ll go with me (I call them pilgrims). May God give my pilgrims a deeper spiritual connection!

May the Lord inspire my pilgrims to new directions in their life. May my pilgrims discover their mission and embrace it more fully, through this pilgrimage.

I see a pilgrimage as a long holy retreat.

Except that instead of staying in one place, we’re constantly moving. We’re moving towards God.

If you want to join me and be my pilgrim, email us at [email protected] now.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

P.S. Muslims go to Mecca at least once in their lifetime. I think Christians can take a pilgrimage once in their lifetime too. I’m personally inviting you to join me to Israel on February 03, 2020. For details, email us at [email protected] now.

P.P.S. Why Do I Call It “Receive Your Miracle” Pilgrimage? Because that’s my earnest prayer for you. That as you seek God in the Pilgrimage, your heart will open wider to receive His great miracle for your life. For details, email us at [email protected] now.

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