Feast of the Holy Family

30 Dec
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How’s your family today?

Today we celebrate the feast of the Holy Family, a very appropriate feast for our times today. The families of today are a lot more different from the families of yesteryear. I think there are more broken families today; I think the family of today is constantly under attack from various secular environments.

Father Patrick Peyton the famous rosary priest has beautifully said: “The family that prays together stays together.” This was more than fifty (50) years ago when families were still conservative and closely knit. Today, we seldom see families going to Mass together – everyone in the family nowadays have their own personal activities that tend to destroy the close bond of the family.

Today, there’s the influence of the internet – everyone in the family now has its own smartphone and tablet that keeps family members selfish and busy. Fifty, thirty or even twenty years ago, there were no internet and smart phones; families were so simple then, so unlike of the modern and complicated families of today.

So what should we do to bring back the close bond of the family and to prevent families from breaking apart? We have to infuse back prayers and worship for God in the family. How many families are still praying the Rosary today? How many families are still worshipping Jesus at Holy Mass today?

The domestic church, that is our respective families, are under attack today. By whom? By the devil disguised as a hi-tech gadget such as smartphones, tablets, and the like. Hi-tech gadgets are not evil per se, it becomes evil when we allow it to control and enslave us.

We must do our humble share to re-energize our respective families and we could only do this if we will put Jesus at the center of our family. Nowadays, many families are somewhat hesitant to put or adopt Jesus as a member of their family, they instead willingly adopt the many inducement of the world. That is why there are many families that are breaking apart.

Let us invite Jesus to become a member of our family and the first step that we must do is to faithfully go to Holy Mass and live the valuable teachings that it bestows upon us.

How’s your family today?

– Marino J. Dasmarinas

Source: http://mjdasma.blogspot.com/2015/12/reflection-for-sunday-december-27-feast.html

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