Happy Birthday, Mama Mary!

08 Sep

When a mother has a birthday, children send their greetings and love, so make sure to do the same thing on the feast of the Nativity of Mary. Say a “Hail Mary” from the heart, and don’t forget to greet her, Happy Birthday!

Mary has three very important lessons for today’s Christians. Mary teaches people to experience the joy of Christ and share it with others; to never let adversity beat you down; and always help those in need with love and mercy. People should imitate how Mary responded to God’s call — with her same joy, haste and perseverance. Every time I read sacred Scripture, in the verse that talk about Our Lady, three verbs catch my attention. The three kinds of action – be joyful, help without hesitation and persevere – should be put into practice by all Catholics. Whoever discovers Jesus will be filled with inner joy so great that nothing and no one can take it away. With Christ in their lives, people find the strength and hope not to be sad and discouraged, thinking problems have no solution.

For the second action, people should always rise in haste just like Mary, to help others in need. Victory is to those who repeatedly rise up, without getting discouraged. If we imitate Mary, we cannot sit with our arms crossed, just complaining or perhaps avoiding any effort so that others do what is our responsibility. Making a difference and helping others does not have to be done on a grand scale, but entails doing everyday things with tenderness and mercy.

The third verb is to persevere. Mary relied on God and his goodness for the strength and courage needed to stay by Christ’s side no matter what and to encourage his disciples to do the same. In this world in which long-lasting values are rejected and everything is changing, in which the disposable triumphs, in which it seems people are afraid of life’s commitments, the Virgin encourages us to be men and women who are constant in their good works, who keep their word, who are always faithful.

~ Pope Francis

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