Reflections on the 4th Sunday of Advent

23 Dec
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An adopted man wanted to find out who is his real mother. So he asked his adoptive parents about the whereabouts of his biological mother. He was told that she lives in a faraway place. He told his parents; even if she lives in a faraway place I will go and find her for I owe my life to her.

So he went to the faraway place and he found his mother, already very old and sickly. The son told his mother, I am your son I am here to take care of you and I will never leave you alone from now on. The mother unabashedly cried and said, thank you for finding me and I am very sorry for giving you away.

Mary and Elizabeth must have been very close relatives and both may have known each other since childhood. Otherwise Mary would have not endeavored to go to a faraway place to visit and stay for six months with her cousin Elizabeth.

In her visit to her cousin Elizabeth Mary imparts to us the importance of having concern for the welfare of others. Mary imparts to us that we should learn to forget our own needs in favor of those who are in great need of our help and care. Mary imparts to us the importance of reaching-out and building bridges instead of walls. And last but certainly not the least Mary shows us the importance of giving Jesus to others. For this is the greatest gift of love that Mary brought to her cousin: She brought and gave Jesus to her.

Two more days and it will be the birth of Jesus. Think of a relative or a dear friend whom you have not seen or been in-touch with for a long time. Then reach-out to that friend or relative if your physical presence is not possible. Reach-out by communicating via the internet using every available platform available at your disposal. A simple hello, how are you or God bless you will surely lift their morale.

– Marino J. Dasmarinas

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