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  • Pilgrimage Chaplain:

    Bro. Bo Sanchez

  • Departure Date:

    April 23, 2017

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Embark on a dream retreat. Feast your eyes and feed your soul. Join Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD on a 4-day Pilgrimage to the beautiful province of Batanes leaving on March 28, 2017. Pray, reflect and have a wonderful time reconnecting with God in one of the country’s most beautiful destinations.

We begin our pilgrimage with a visit to the enchanting town of Mahatao to visit the historic San Carlos Borromeo Church. Built by the Dominicans in 1789, San Carlos Borromeo Church is recognized as one of the cultural icons of the Philippines. Marvel at the breathtaking vistas of Batan Island en route to Racuh Apayaman, more commonly known as “Marlboro Country. ” Be awed by the magnificent panoramic view of the ocean, windswept cliffs rising above the sea and lush green pastureland with a handful of cows leisurely grazing. Enjoy the moment where the ambience is simply sublime.

Catch a glimpse of the Ivatan way of life on your visit to the tiny Diura fishing village. Here, fishermen perform the Kapayvanuvanua ritual to signify the start of the fishing season.  Onwards to the beautiful Mount Carmel Chapel, uniquely modelled after traditional Ivatan houses.  On its ceiling are frescoes of different saints of Batanes which are painted by well skilled Ivatan artists. Also known as Tukon Chapel, where “tukon” is an Ivatan term for “mountain,” the church offers a picturesque seascape of the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Visit Fundacion Pacita, situated on top of a cliff with a 270 degree view of the sea, mountains and the sky.

Celebrate Mass at the Basco Cathedral, also known as the Sto. Domingo de Basco. This first and oldest church in Batanes is dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of Bat

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Dear Pilgrim Center: My husband Aldo & I would like to praise & commend our Pilgrim Chaplain Fr. Dante Venus & our Tour Leader Bro. Monty for the very successful & memorable pilgrimage to Italy & the Holy Land we were very fortunate to join on March 26-April 8, 2018. It was very hectic to be sure, but still they managed our time very well that we were able to visit more places than was promised in the itinerary, and we are very appreciative of that. Likewise, the solemnity of the whole pilgrimage experience was still observed despite many of us in the group, myself included, often forgetting that we were pilgrims & not tourists 😉😉, taking photos, selfies, etc. instead of, or before focusing on what the local guide was explaining or on the scripture readings. I cannot fault us pilgrims on this because for many of us seniors, and I speak for my husband & I, that trip might be our first & last time to visit those places, so we made sure they were properly documented. Nonetheless, it was a truly spiritually uplifting & life-changing experience for us. We continue to thank our Lord for making that experience of a lifetime possible. Indeed, nothing is impossible for God! Thank you very much to Fr. Dante, Bro. Monty & to each of us pilgrims in the group for the prayers, love, care & concern shown to each other. Let us continue to pray for and with each other. It is my hope that we meet each other again soon, to strengthen our bonds of friendships. Most sincerely, Leclec Cabusora

Ms. Leclec Cabusora

I am honored to be included in this pilgrimage. The Pilgrims' Center has very good itineraries worth remembering. No hours wasted. They took very good care of us in spite of our big number of 47 people. The daily mass and homilies of Fr. Manny Cruz held in different shrines and churches were very inspirational and transforming. Accommodations were nice most especially the one on top of the Mountain with an awesome view built in 1909. It's like travelling back in time. I definitely would want to do it again with Pilgrim Center.

Peter Joseph Mapua

The Pilgrims' Center always gives you the best. They let you feel like an Executive in terms of personal service & attention especially during pilgrimage. Their choices of pilgrimages and pilgrim chaplains are outstanding. You go back home very fulfilled and immersed...

Marlene Silvestre

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