Pilgrimage Overview:

  • Pilgrimage Chaplain:

    Fr. Larry Faraon

  • Departure Date:

    November 5, 2018

  • Countries:

    South Korea


  • Roundtrip economy airfare via Philippine Airlines
  • Roundtrip airport transfers
  • First class hotel accommodation on twin-sharing basis
  • Meals as specified in the itinerary (B – Breakfast ; L – Lunch ; D – Dinner)
  • Tours as specified in the itinerary
  • Services of an English-speaking guide all throughout the pilgrimage
  • Daily Masses
  • Transportation by deluxe air-conditioned motorcoach
  • Services of a Filipino Tour Leader and Pilgrimage Chaplain all throughout the tour
  • Travel Insurance (valid for 10 days

About Your Pilgrimage

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This Pilgrimage is already fully booked.  Please check our other upcoming Pilgrimages.

Take some time off to really listen to God. Join a 7-day Pilgrimage to South Korea with Our Lady of Naju with Fr. Larry Faraon leaving on November 5, 2018.

Begin your pilgrimage with a visit to Busan, “the summer capital of South Korea.” This delightful port city is the second largest city of South Korea. It is well known for its beaches, hot springs and nature reserves. Not to be missed is a visit to the Taejongdae Park to marvel at its lush, thick forest, rocky seaside cliffs and the spectacular sea that comes in different shades of blue.

Journey on to Naju. Spend time in prayer at the House of the Blessed Mother which houses the miraculous image of the Blessed Mother known to have shed tears and blood. Relive the Passion of the Lord as you pray the Way of the Cross at the Naju Holy Mountain with fellow pilgrims.

Visit places where Korean Catholics were martyred for their faith at the Haemi Shrine; The Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Namyang;  and Solmoe, the birthplace of St. Andrew Kim Dae-geon, the first Korean Saint and Catholic priest.

While on pilgrimage enjoy the autumn sun and the burst of colors all around. Here is a beautiful reflection that Fr. Jerry Orbos wrote on one of his visits to South Korea.

“It is autumn in Korea. There are beautiful colors everywhere as the leaves of the trees change from green to red, orange, yellow and brown until they are all gone. But there are trees that remain green the whole year round. These are the evergreens, which change neither with the times, nor the seasons and are constant and steady, and always ready. May we become more like the evergreens in our relationship with other people. The evergreens do not call attention to themselves. Unlike the other trees that attract our eyes in spring or in autumn, the evergreens remain in the background—hidden but powerful, and inspiring witnesses that it is possible to remain green even in the coldest winter.”  ~ Fr. Jerry Orbos

Spend time in prayer and reflection. Embark on a Pilgrimage to South Korea and Our Lady of Naju with Fr. Larry Faraon leaving on November 5, 2018. Enjoy a perfect respite amidst the presence of our blessed Mother.


Pilgrimage Highlights

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea and unquestionably the economic, political and cultural hub of the country. Today, Seoul is considered a leading and a rising...


Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea and unquestionably the economic, political and cultural hub of the country.

Today, Seoul is considered a leading and a rising global city and is the world’s 4th largest metropolitan economy. Skyscrapers and high rise abound. The subway system is the third largest in the world and perhaps one of the finest, providing 4G, LTE, Wifi and DMB inside subway cars.

In recent years, Seoul has been swamped with tourists from China, Japan and Southeast Asia. However, recently things have been changing. Tourism numbers to Seoul have been exploding in the past five years or so with no indication of slowing down or stopping.

The word “Mirinae” is a pure Korean word for the Milky Way. The site holds the graves of St. Kim Dae-geon, Korea’s first Catholic Saint; his mother, Ursula; Bishop Ferreol,...


The word “Mirinae” is a pure Korean word for the Milky Way. The site holds the graves of St. Kim Dae-geon, Korea’s first Catholic Saint; his mother, Ursula; Bishop Ferreol, the third head of the Joseon parish who ordained St. Kim; and Vincentius Lee Minsik who buried St. Kim’s body.

The reason it came to be called “Mirinae” is that Korean Catholics came to this place in secret to avoid persecution during the late Joseon Dynasty, and the lamplight coming from their homes in the village where they settled resembled the starlight of the Milky Way.

St. Kim was executed at the age of 26 and was not permitted a funeral. But 40 days after the execution, Vincentius Lee Minsik was able to steal St. Kim’s body with great difficulty. He carried it on his back eventually burying it in Mirinae.

At the center of the site stands a grand memorial church and the Way of the Cross behind it has 15 bronze sculptures depicting the passion of Jesus being captured by Roman soldiers, crucified, suffering, passing away and being interred.

Gwangju Metropolitan City is the fifth largest city in South Korea. It has consistently played an important role in the history of Korea’s democracy and human rights movement, the most...


Gwangju Metropolitan City is the fifth largest city in South Korea. It has consistently played an important role in the history of Korea’s democracy and human rights movement, the most recent of which was the Gwangju Massacre of May 18, 1980, in which at least 207 students were killed by army forces suppressing a pro-democracy demonstration.

Gwangju has a thriving youth and arts, culture where any visitor will notice a generally more fashion conscious populace.

The city holds an annual Kimchi Festival that draws visitors from all over the country.

The Blessed Virgin Mary began weeping through her statue owned by Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, on June 30, 1985. Since then, she has brought many messages and other miraculous...


The Blessed Virgin Mary began weeping through her statue owned by Julia Kim in Naju, Korea, on June 30, 1985.

Since then, she has brought many messages and other miraculous signs, urging all her children in the world to hurriedly repent of their sins and return to God.

The original image of the Blessed Virgin Mary owned by Julia Kim, is now housed in the House of the Blessed Mother where masses, prayers and devotions are regularly held.

Situated five miles west of the House of the Blessed Mother is the Naju Holy Mountain, site of a miraculous spring which has been instrumental for numerous healings. The place is a replica of Mount Calvary with a large Crucifix and statues of Our Lady, St. John, St. Mary Magdalene and a Roman soldier. Encircling the whole place is the Way of the Cross with fifteen stations. Frequently, the air on the Mountain is filled with the fragrance of roses.

Things We Love

  • Daily masses and inspiring homilies 

  • Peaceful ambience at the Shrine of Solmoe, a sanctuary for martyrs who were willing to offer their lives for their faith.

  • Tasty and deeply satisfying Korean cuisine served in classy restaurants already included in the package cost.

  • Pray the “Hail Mary” as you touch each Stone Rosary Bead on your walk along the Rosary Road at the Shrine of Our Lady of The Rosary of Namyang. A very moving experience.

  • Feel the crisp, cool breeze and feast your eyes on the wonderful burst of colors of nature that only happens during Autumn.

Things To Do

  • WEAR.

    See how you would look like wearing a Hanbok, Korea’s National Costume, on your visit to the Traditional Costume Experience.


    Take a pleasurable boat ride at Taejongdae Park and enjoy outstanding views, including Mangbuseok, a legendary rock in Busan.


    Bring home water taken from the miraculous spring of the Naju Holy Mountain to share with family and friends.

  • AWE.

    See the awesome endless blue sea and majestic mountains at the Oryukdo Skywalk in Busan. It is well known as one of the Scenic Spots in South Korea.


    Avail of the Sacrament of Reconciliation while on pilgrimage. A perfect time to reconcile with God.

Why are our Pilgrimages different?

Spiritually focused journeys
Insightful pilgrimage chaplains
Quality accomodation
Expertly-crafted itineraries
Friendly and bonded groups
Senior citizen friendly


The whole pilgrimage is a new and fulfilling moment in my life. It’s a nice feeling being with the Lord in His important day. And also, gaining new friends and becoming my new extended family is something I will treasure. I hope that this is just the beginning and we’ll continue to get in touch with one another despite the distance.


Hello Co-Pilgrims,

It was indeed a wonderful Pilgrimage: very rich in history, a thanksgiving of blessings, a spiritual renewal and nourishment, and finally ending in a test of Faith.

Thank you so much Pilgrim Leader, Ging Igual, for standing beside us up to the last stretch of our 13-day journey - more particularly in the handling of an unexpected situation (cancelled flight in Mexico and re-direction of flights to make sure the 38 Pilgrims reach LA for their respective flight bookings). Ging, you were an angel to us so blessed with energy, passion, love and Milagrosa. We really felt the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe fielding angels every step of the way.

The Pilgrimage to California Mission Churches and Our Lady of Guadalupe gives me personal inspiration for the work and activities of the next chapter of my lifetime: farming with promotion of agriculture for millennials (inspired by the scenic view of farms in California), tourism (which is a major industry in all places we visited), and support for a favourite major seminary in Tagaytay and a scholarship fund for deserving individuals (thru a non stock non profit institution).

Thank you to my Co-Pilgrims and prayer partners for the prayer support, sharing of life experiences and friendships;  Fr. Tony, thank you for your spiritual reflections and service;  Fr. Jerry Orbos for an overflowing spiritual reflections and enabling us to have the needed personal encounter with Jesus and Mama Mary (it was like a 12-day Holy Retreat); and the Executive Resources for making a very nice pilgrimage package a part of our lifetime.

Ms. Emma

Lord, we cannot find words enough to say how grateful we are to You. Our pilgrimage made us realize that Your love for us is more than what we deserve.

To all our co-pilgrims, thank you for making us feel we belong to this new family. To Fr. Dante, thanks for your prayers and pieces of advice for our spiritual nourishment. To Sis Lea, for taking care of each one of us. To Sis Joy, thanks for the contagious joys and laughters.

To our prayer partners, Sis Maribel, Melvy and Didick and Bro Mon and Sis Jot, thank you for your prayers. We will pray for you, too!

To The Pilgrim’s Center - Executive Resources, thank you for accommodating us in this Eastern Europe Pilgrimage.

God bless us all always!

Albert and Adee

Dear Pilgrims' Center:

My husband Aldo & I would like to praise & commend our Pilgrim Chaplain Fr. Dante Venus & our Tour Leader Bro. Monty for the very successful & memorable pilgrimage to Italy & the Holy Land we were very fortunate to join on March 26-April 8, 2018.

It was very hectic to be sure, but still they managed our time very well that we were able to visit more places than was promised in the itinerary, and we are very appreciative of that. Likewise, the solemnity of the whole pilgrimage experience was still observed despite many of us in the group, myself included, often forgetting that we were pilgrims & not tourists 😉😉, taking photos, selfies, etc. instead of, or before focusing on what the local guide was explaining or on the scripture readings. I cannot fault us pilgrims on this because for many of us seniors, and I speak for my husband & I, that trip might be our first & last time to visit those places, so we made sure they were properly documented. Nonetheless, it was a truly spiritually uplifting & life-changing experience for us. We continue to thank our Lord for making that experience of a lifetime possible. Indeed, nothing is impossible for God! Thank you very much to Fr. Dante, Bro. Monty & to each of us pilgrims in the group for the prayers, love, care & concern shown to each other. Let us continue to pray for and with each other. It is my hope that we meet each other again soon, to strengthen our bonds of friendships.

Most sincerely, Leclec Cabusora

Leclec Cabusora

My husband and I just came back from a wonderful trip to Israel - with Franciscan Fr Reu Galoy. Thank you Pilgrim Center for the arrangements. We are so happy and satisfied with all that you have done for us. Kudos to Yanyan and Monty from Pilgrim Center, and Fr Reu and Ronin for your caring services. It was a spiritual journey and we felt the abiding presence of the Lord all throughout.

Ann Arguelles Cortes

Our pilgrimage was worth all the hardships (I was having leg pains). We had an excellent leader in the person of Adrian, two priests Fathers Val and Ron, who gave us very nice pieces of advice and homilies, and of course the members of the group who were all very nice. Looking forward to join another pilgrimage.

Emily Bautista

It was the most profound experience I had in my whole life....Walking with the Footsteps where Jesus walked made my life more grateful and humble....My faith become stronger as I express it...A growing faith is a sharing faith....TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! SHALOM!

Carmen Nierra

Vir & I would like to express our gratitude for a wonderful pilgrimage we had from Sept 5-18. From checking-in last Sept 5 & all during the tour, we felt the care from a family. No words can ever describe how thankful we are.

I almost cried last Sept 8, (my birthday) when we (2 of us have the same birthday) were given a surprise mini celebration when after our dinner, we were given a cake. I really felt the love of a family then.

All these things made possible because of your capable coordinator Ms. Ging Igual. She's such a wonderful leader. Kudos to her.

Rest assured that i will refer your company to all my friends who are planning to go on pilgrimage .

Good day & may God always guide & protect all of you in the Pilgrims' Center/ Executive Resources, Inc.

Cora and Vir Franca

I am honored to be included in this pilgrimage. The Pilgrims' Center has very good itineraries worth remembering. No hours wasted. They took very good care of us in spite of our big number of 47 people. The daily mass and homilies of Fr. Manny Cruz held in different shrines and churches were very inspirational and transforming. Accommodations were nice most especially the one on top of the Mountain with an awesome view built in 1909. It's like travelling back in time. I definitely would want to do it again with Pilgrim Center.

Peter Joseph Mapua

The Pilgrims' Center always gives you the best. They let you feel like an Executive in terms of personal service & attention especially during pilgrimage. Their choices of pilgrimages and pilgrim chaplains are outstanding. You go back home very fulfilled and immersed...

Marlene Silvestre

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